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 Oxygen Aesthetics is a premier medical practice that aims to provide high-quality aesthetic and wellness services to our patients in a serene and welcoming environment.
We specialize in offering a range of cutting-edge treatments and personalized care to help our patients enhance their natural beauty, rejuvenate their skin, and improve their overall well-being. 


Our Services

Pampering Package $300 $200

  • Oxygen Signature Facial -Deep clean & purify skin

  • Decolletage Massage - Soothing and relaxing 

  • Complimentary micro-current Treatment- Hydrate & reduce puffiness

  • Diminish fine lines around the eyes & lips leaving a refreshing feeling

  • Relaxation or Deep Tissue Massage 


    Take home mask and and Serum 

  • Hydrates and reduces puffiness under the eyes

Mom’s Relaxation $375 $300


- Sarah K.

"I used to feel so self-conscious about my sunspots, but after just a few laser treatments at OXYGEN they're practically gone! My skin is brighter, smoother, and I finally feel confident enough to go makeup-free. The staff is so knowledgeable and supportive, and the whole experience is pure luxury. Thank you for helping me shine!"

- David M.

"I was always hesitant about Botox, but after a consultation at OXYGEN, I decided to take the plunge. I'm so glad I did! My frown lines are gone, but my face still looks natural and expressive. I feel years younger and so much more confident in my appearance. Thank you for helping me embrace my best self!" 

- Emily L.

"Juggling work, family, and everything else had left me feeling tense and exhausted. But after a day at OXYGEN , I'm a new person! The massage was divine, the aromatherapy calmed my mind, and the facial made my skin feel like silk. I left feeling recharged, relaxed, and ready to take on anything. This is my new self-care haven!"

- Jessica C.

"For my best friend's birthday, I surprised her with a spa day at [Spa Name]. It was the perfect gift! We got pampered with facials, manicures, and pedicures, and we laughed the whole time. It was an amazing way to relax, reconnect, and celebrate each other. Thank you for making her day so special!" 

Contact Us

P: 914.266.8158

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