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Our Botulinum Toxin treatments improve your skin’s appearance by relaxing wrinkle-causing muscles. Say goodbye to folds and visible lines on the skin.

How Botulinum Toxin & Neuromodulators Improve Your Skin’s Appearance

Every day, we move our facial muscles in countless ways over and over again. While this allows for unique expressions, this repetition also is what can cause wrinkles and fine lines to form. When untreated, these wrinkles will continue to deepen, lending your face an aged appearance.


However, you can counter these signs of aging with Botulinum Toxin and similar treatments, including:

  • Jeuveau

  • Dysport

  • Xeomin

  • Botulinum Toxin

Each of these injectable treatments works by blocking certain muscle contractions,specifically, the ones that can cause wrinkles! They relax your muscles, reducing current lines and preventing additional ones from forming.

What Is Treatment Like?

Since Botulinum Toxin and similar treatments are non-surgical, they do not require anesthesia. At most, some patients may like ice or vibration to ensure complete comfort. At most, you may feel a slight pinching sensation during the quick injections as Dr. Clark is an expert at pain-free neuromodulator treatments. Sessions generally take only a few minutes, depending on your treatment plan. After each session, you can get right back to your usual routine, though some patients like to take the day off. You may have some swelling and redness at the injection sites, but those wear off very quickly. Likewise, some patients may experience minor discomfort or sensitivity for a little bit after treatment, but this also fades soon. If you have any questions after your treatment, Dr. Clark will be glad to answer them. We are gladly by your side at every step in your treatment process, from start to finish.

When Can I See Results?

Botulinum Toxin can provide both quick results and improved results over time. After your treatment, you can notice immediate results within a week. With Jeuveau, you can see results within a few days. However, you will see continued improvements as wrinkles and lines fade in the coming months. Most patients see their results last for four to twelve months. The duration of your results depends on several factors including your age, lifestyle, and genetics. However, we can provide some tips and advice on how to get the most out of your results each time.

Is Botulinum Toxin Right for Me? 

Botulinum Toxin has been safely used for decades already, so it is open to a wide range of patients. Patients of almost any age can benefit from treatment, whether to prevent or reduce wrinkles. Also, these treatments can help both men and women rejuvenate and revitalize their appearance. However, patients with certain rare neurologic disorders or who are pregnant may not be candidates for this treatment. During your consultation with Dr. Sheryl, she will discuss all your wrinkle-reduction options. Based on your goals and needs, she will put together a plan uniquely tailored to your situation. She always works closely with each patient to provide complete information about their available options and treatment possibilities. If you are worried about an unnatural appearance, you’ve come to the right place. Dr. Clark has decades of experience working with these solutions. The result is that she can deliver a natural, soft effect that looks and feels more natural than other specialists can provide. Using specialized techniques and decades of experience, she ensures your facial expressions will remain natural. She starts by analyzing each patient’s unique facial characteristics, including any asymmetries. Then Dr. Clark starts each treatment with low doses. Additionally, she offers to see patients a week or two after an area is treated for the first time so she can: See how the treatment has worked Address any questions Fine-tune future treatments

Additional Uses of Botulinum Toxin

In addition to fighting frown lines and wrinkles, Botulinum Toxin and similar treatments can also help with:

  • Lines on the bridge of your nose

  • Smile lines

  • Forehead furrows

  • Quizzical brows

  • Brow asymmetry or drooping

  • Lines on the bridge of your nose

  • A square draw

  • Teeth grinding

  • Dark circles

  • “Gummy” smile (when upper gums show when smiling)

  • Drooping corners of your mouth

  • Dimpled chin

  • Dropped tip of the nose

  • Overactive flaring nostrils

  • Thin lips

  • Upper lip roll

  • Upper lip lines

  • Jowls

  • Neck bands and lines

  • Poorly-defined jawline

  • Enlarged pores

  • Facial asymmetry due to Bell’s palsy or nerve injury

  • Excessive sweating

  • Scar prevention after surgery or laceration

  • Depression

  • Migraines

  • Facial asymmetry

At Oxygen Aesthetics, we offer all of these treatment options to our patients. Call us to learn more about what Botulinum Toxin and BTX-A treatments can help you improve. We also have a range of other non-surgical treatments to help you fight wrinkles and enhance your appearance.

Additional Uses of Botulinum Toxin


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